Locked & Loaded


Official release date by SPV: 24. Februar 2003
Double-CD with Live Songs of Hatchet’s 2000 European tour. DVD is also planed.


1. Introduction
2. Whiskey Man
3. Heart Of The U.S.A.
4. Gator Country
5. Tatanka
6. Down From The Mountain
7. Beatin The Odds
8. Mississippi Moon Dog
9. Miss Saturday Night
10 Edge Of Sundown
11. Dreams I'll Never See

1. Bounty Hunter
2. Dead And Gone (The Redneck Song)
3. White Lightning
4. Fall Of The Peacemakers
5. Saddle Tramp
6. Gypsy Trail
7. Tumbling Dice
8. Why Won't You Take Me Home
9. The Journey
10. Devil's Canyon
11. Flirtin' With Disaster

As Molly Hatchet has been around the world.... we have seen the most dedicated fans of Southern Rock and have seen that the music, friendship, foot stompin' and down home kick you square in the teeth (OK Ass!!) rock and roll is a universal and loved culture worldwide. Being from the United States and I might add the Southern part.....Jacksonville, Florida, we have seen a bond and brotherhood not only in America but between Southern Rockers all around the world!! With this Live album we feel we have captured the best of the best in our performances to deliver to you...our friends and family and a 24 year walk thru history and a chance to get down and throw an Ass Kickin’, Beer Drinking, Foot stompin’ Party with us!! We recorded this Double Live CD in Germany as we consider it to be our home away from home and '100% solid Kentucky Bourbon' proof that Southern Rock is alive and well where ever you go around the world and Molly Hatchet is working hard, playing fast, living tough and still Flirtin' with Disaster!!!" - BOBBY INGRAM
 (Source: SPV-http://www.spv.de/eng/mollyhatchet/default.html)

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